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CROWN ROYAL EXTRA RARE......................$19.99
Crown Royal Extra Rare (XR) is a limited edition blend and a rare piece of Crown Royal history. As a tribute to the legendary Waterloo distillery, this unparalleled smooth blend is made with the last remaining batch whisky distilled there, before it burned down. With rare, extra-aged ryes and bourbons, it offers a full-bodied, highly aromatic bouquet with a creamy rounded finish.

CANADIAN CLUB 30YR OLD.......................$19.99
2008 marked the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Club distillery in Walkerville Ontario. To mark this occasion, an ultimate expression of Canadian Club was distilled. This anniversary blend whisky still adhered to Hiram's original creed of blending before aging and was left to sleep for 30 long years. The result was the smoothest most complex Canadian Club ever made. Very few bottles of this collector's item were created and are only available in top liquor outlets.

J.P WISER'S RED LETTER 150TH.................$16.99
In 1857, J.P Wiser began making whisky. This whisky, known as Wiser's Red Letter Rye, was a huge success and led to the company's good fortune both in Canada and the United States. In 2007, Wiser's celebrated its 150th anniversary of this success
by making a special anniversary bottling of J.P. Wiser's Original Red Letter Canadian Whisky. Only 6000 bottles were made, with all of the whisky finished for an extra 150 days in virgin white oak casks.

CROWN ROYAL CASK NO.16......................$11.99
Cask No. 16 Whisky is crafted from 50 premium whiskies. This blend was finished in rare cognac casks made from oak wood from the Limousine Forest in France, which were marked '16' to represent their place of origin. Subtle hints of rich dried fruit from the oak barrels create the balanced, yet complex, taste of Cask No. 16 Whisky.